Dental bridges and crowns are an ever-popular tooth restoration option for our patients because they provide countless benefits for the patient.

Dentist Checking Teeth of a Person

When would you need a dental crown. Six symptoms to keep an eye on.

Toothache or a cracked tooth? A visit to your dentist is a good idea in those instances. There may be several solutions, depending on the origin of your problem. A dental crown, sometimes referred to as a dental cap, may be the answer. In fact, 2.3 million crowns are placed in the US every year. So, when would you need a dental crown? Read about the signs and symptoms.

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crowns on front teeth

Why crowns on front teeth are different

‘A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear’ said Marylin Monroe. Well, a good smile goes a long way for anyone. Teeth, especially front teeth, are central to that smile. You want them to look their best. Sometimes you need a little help from the dentist, for example with front teeth crowns. How does it work, and how are crowns on front teeth different from others?

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