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Family Dentistry

Professional Dental Care For Every Age

At Mint Dental, we’re the best choice for family dentistry in Edina and Shakopee. Our conveniently-located offices and advanced technology ensure that you and your family can always get the care you need. Learn more about family dentistry below, or contact us now to schedule your appointment with Dr. Marwa Forest or Dr. Keith Schulhof.

What is Family Dentistry

Family dentistry is exactly what it sounds like. Our doctors offer dentistry for your entire family. We care for patients of every age. From infants to toddlers, older kids, teens and pre-teens all can get expert care from our dental offices in Edina or Shakopee, and we also provide young adults, adults, and seniors with the services they need to maintain their oral health.

At our office, we focus on preventive dental care and general dentistry for patients of all ages. Our goal is always to prevent common dental issues like cavities and gum disease before they affect your smile. With treatments like regular teeth cleanings, dental sealants, and fluoride treatments, you’ll get peace of mind, and know that your family is getting the care they need.

How Does MINT Make The Experience Different For My Children?

Our comfortable office is a great place for your kids to relax while they wait for their appointment, and our team loves working with kids. Our staff delivers friendly, compassionate, child-friendly care, and we’ll always make sure your little ones are comfortable throughout their appointment.

We also offer early morning scheduling, which makes it easier for you to schedule appointments for your kids before school and work. Thanks to our simple scheduling and our convenient locations in Shakopee and Edna, it’s easy to fit dental care into your family’s busy schedule.

What Should I Bring With My Family To The First Visit?

Our mascot Minty (a big tooth) with a young child who is holding balloons

If possible, it can be helpful to bring dental records from your previous dentist, both for yourself and for your kids. A record of past treatments and checkups will help our team learn more about your unique dental needs and challenges, and will allow the team at Mint Dental to provide you with better dental care.

In addition, it may be helpful to bring in your family health history. This will help you fill out intake forms both for yourself and for your kids, and streamlines the process of your first dental visit.

Beyond this, make sure you bring in all of your insurance coverage information, so that we can bill your insurer for preventive care, and get your coverage entered into our system for future visits. Make sure to let us know if you switch providers or get a new health insurance card! 

Finally, we recommend that you bring something for your kids to do. Our waiting area is cozy and comfortable with plenty of amenities for kids of all ages, but if your child prefers to watch YouTube, play video games, or has any other favorite activities, it’s a good idea to bring some entertainment with you so that they stay comfortable and relaxed.

Brush your teeth two to three times each day with a soft-bristled toothbrush—you can even upgrade to an electric toothbrush. Be sure to use fluoride toothpaste to remove any food particles and plaque from the tooth and gum surfaces. Don’t forget about your tongue! Cleaning your tongue will remove any extra plaque-causing particles and help keep your breath fresh.

Brushing instructions:

Step 1. Place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your gum.

Step 2. Brush gently in a circular motion.

Step 3. Brush all surfaces of each tooth, including the outer, inner, and chewing surfaces.

Step 4. Don’t forget about the backsides of your teeth. Use the tip of your brush for the inner surface of your front teeth.

Decay-causing bacteria and plaque can linger between your teeth where the toothbrush bristles cannot reach. You should clean between your teeth at least once per day, as well as use mouthwash to help remove plaque and food particles from between the teeth and under your gum line.

Flossing instructions:

Step 1. Wind about 20 inches of floss around your each of your middle fingers.

Step 2. Use your thumbs and forefingers to guide about one inch of floss between your teeth.

Step 3. Gently saw the floss between your teeth. Then curve the floss into a C-shape against one tooth and gently slide it beneath your gums.

Step 4. Slide the floss up and down. Repeat for each tooth.

At Mint Dental, we provide preventative dental care for patients in Edina, Shakopee, and the surrounding areas.

Keeping Your Family Smiling
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Dental Tach screen
Dental Tach screen


Keeping your teeth cavity-free isn’t always easy, especially when you are a younger patient. This is because your tooth surface has small pits and fissures that can trap food debris and decay. No matter how often you brush, these areas are at a higher risk of decay and thus can lead to cavities.

The good news is Dr. Marwa Forest and her team use modern dental sealants, which are innovatively designed to provide your teeth with extra protection.

Sealants are thin, plastic resins applied to your back teeth or teeth at risk of decay. The tooth’s pits and fissures are sealed, making the tiny grooves smooth and easier to clean.

Before the sealant is applied, your dental expert cleans the tooth and the surrounding area. She applies a special solution to the tooth’s surface and then carefully paints on the sealant material. The sealant dries and your tooth is strengthened and protected.

This treatment is most commonly used for:

  • Children’s teeth
  • Teeth with deep grooves
  • Molars (your back teeth)
  • Fighting the early signs of cavities

Dental sealants will be checked during your regular check-ups and should last a long time if cared for properly.


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Mint waters
Mint waters

Oral Hygiene

Your dental health hangs on a solid at-home hygiene routine. Without regular brushing and flossing, it is not possible to maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. Therefore, our experienced Mint Dental team has created a world-class hygiene program that is specially-adapted to your family’s needs.

Dr. Forest and a dental hygienist will assess your oral hygiene during your six-month visits and may recommend a program of professional cleanings. During these cleanings, our skilled hygienist will use modern technology to gently remove hard to reach plaque and carefully polish your teeth.

The cleanings are non-invasive but can be vital to sustaining your overall health. Why? Simply put, when tooth decay is not removed it can cause issues including:

  • Cavities
  • Periodontal Disease
  • Bad Breath
  • Teeth Staining

Regular professional cleanings work alongside your at-home routine for a healthier smile. Dr. Forest kindly works with you to ensure your brushing and flossing are both efficient and effective. She makes the learning process fun for all ages and promises never to lecture or judge.

Enjoy a healthier smile and a hygiene visit you’ll love!

Oral Hygiene

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Professional looking couple looking at a laptop and smiling
Professional looking couple looking at a laptop and smiling

Emergency Care

When a dental emergency rears its head, it is very important to remain calm and assess the situation. Mint Dental offers emergency care to new and current patients during our opening hours.

Please call us in either Edina or Shakopee right away if you need dental care to save your tooth, stop bleeding, or alleviate severe pain.

Some common emergency problems include:

  • Toothache
  • Cracked or broken teeth
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Broken jaw
  • Loose teeth
  • Missing fillings or crowns

Even if you are unsure, it is best to contact us so we can provide some professional help over the phone. Our caring dental team is here for you, and can see you the same day if required.

Emergency Care

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