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Tooth Extractions

Got A Troublesome Tooth? We’re Here For You

What Is A Tooth Extraction?

Dr. Marwa Forest talking about TMJ treatment with a client

As the name implies, a tooth extraction is a procedure used to remove a tooth when it’s too damaged to save with another treatment. At Mint Dental, we only use tooth extractions as a last resort in Edina and Shakopee.

Dr. Forest and Dr. Schulhof both practice conservative dental care, which means they will always try to save your tooth before recommending an extraction. However, there are some situations where extractions are the best way to resolve your dental issues.

Why Would I Need A Tooth Extraction?

  • Decay or damage – Severely decayed teeth may need to be pulled to prevent further damage. The same is true of teeth destroyed by oral injuries.

  • Gum disease – Teeth destroyed by gum disease may need to be removed and replaced in some cases.

  • Wisdom teeth If the wisdom teeth don’t grow in properly, this can cause serious complications and they may need to be extracted.

The Tooth Extraction Process At Mint Dental

Wondering what to expect from the tooth extraction process at Mint Dental? Here’s a quick overview of how the process works.

  • Cleaning & numbing – To start, Dr. Forest or Dr. Schulhof will clean your mouth and numb the treatment area to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure.

  • Tooth extraction – Once your mouth is numb, Dr. Forest or Dr. Schulhof will use special tools to loosen the ligament connecting your tooth to its socket. This will take a few minutes, and you’ll feel some light pressure. Then, they will use a pair of dental forceps to grab the tooth and pull it out after it’s been sufficiently loosened.

  • Disinfecting and suturing the extraction site – Once your tooth has been removed, the area will be cleaned and disinfected, then stitched shut to ensure it heals properly. You’ll be sent home with recovery instructions, and you’ll usually come back for a quick follow-up in about a week.

Dr. Marwa Forest talking about TMJ treatment with a client
Dr. Marwa Forest talking about TMJ treatment with a client

Does It Hurt To Have A Tooth Pulled?

No. The tooth extraction process is painless, since your mouth will be numbed by Dr. Marwa Forest before your treatment begins. You won’t feel any pain while your tooth is extracted.

However, some pain is to be expected as your numbing wears off and you recover. The team at Mint Dental will give you special instructions to follow as you heal. These will minimize pain and discomfort and also help you heal and recover more quickly, so make sure to follow them to the letter.

Should I Replace My Missing Tooth?

Yes, unless it’s a wisdom tooth. Losing any of your teeth can cause you to have issues eating your favorite foods and speaking clearly, and losing a tooth (especially a front tooth) may also make you feel self-conscious about your appearance.

In addition to this, losing a tooth causes the remaining teeth to move toward the now-empty socket, which can ruin your teeth and bite alignment. So you should discuss your options for tooth replacement with Dr. Forest or Dr. Schulhof right away, and see if a dental implant, dental bridge, or partial denture is right for you.

Dr. Marwa Forest talking about TMJ treatment with a client

Such a nice staff. Welcoming and thorough in their exam and listening to any concerns. Provided good advice for future dental needs.

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