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what is tartar

What is Tartar (Dental Calculus)? 

No less than 68% of adults in the US have tartar. It’s a common and often recurring problem. In itself, it’s nothing to worry about. As long as you have it removed regularly by a dentist, it shouldn’t lead to serious problems. Neglected tartar, however, can lead to some dental problems. What is tartar, what causes it, and can you do anything to prevent it?

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dry mouth treatment

Dry Mouth Treatments, Symptoms and Causes

One in five people has serious dry mouth. To the extent, it becomes problematic. Learn about xerostomia, dry mouth treatment and home remedies!

Swallowing becomes a bit tricky, and your throat might feel dry or sticky. Lips can crack, and bad breath might become your new sidekick. Dry mouth is a serious problem that affects 1 in 5 people. So you’re not alone. Let’s look at the causes and dry mouth treatments, with special attention to home remedies.

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